Dash Plaques

fall show3 dash plaqueWelcome to the world of full color dash plaques. Please see the products below for prices and quantity price breaks. We make them in various sizes. If you need a size not shown, please call for pricing and other information. We do not have a set up fee and we do not charge for simple artwork if you order a minimum of 50 pieces. More complex artwork may incur reasonable artwork charges. Minimum order of 25 pieces. No Exceptions.

Add on’s such as double sided tape and magnetic strips are also available.

Most of our orders are shipped by priority mail. They are shipped at flat rates for orders up to 200 pieces. Larger orders are shipped by regional rate boxes, still priority mail handling.

Dash plaques are oriented in a landscape format, meaning they are wider than they are tall.  Portrait, taller then wide, is available upon request.

Lead time for orders varies according to the time of year. Normally we can get orders shipped within 2 weeks of artwork approval. During the summer months, it could possibly take longer. Do not hesitate to ask for faster service. Sometime we can burn that midnight oil and get it done! 🙂

Give us a call at 320-233-7487 or send us an e-mail at mountainsidedesigns@gmail.com to get started today!

 Dash Plaques Prices:

The following prices are for dash plaques in a size ranging from 2 x 2 to the standard 3 x 4.  For example a 2 x 3 would be the same price.  Most times dash plaques come with rounded corners.  This is not always the case and if it is required, please be sure to specify.  There is no additional charge for rounding the corners.

The dash plaques are available in 3 colors.  White is by far the most popular.  This color is used for all photographic plaques.  Gold and Silver are also available and used when just wording or line art images are desired.  Unless specified, white will be used.

  • 25 – 49 pieces are $1.00 each ~ $10.00 art work fees apply for all orders under 50 pieces
  • 50 – 99 pieces are .95 cents each
  • 100 – 199 pieces are .90 cents each
  • 200 or more pieces are .85 cents each
  • double side tape is 4 cents per piece of tape.  The standard is 1 piece per plaque, but some customers have requested 2 pieces.  The tape averages 1 1/2 – 2 inches.
  • magnetic strips are also available at 15 cents per piece.  Again, the standard 1 one piece.  PLEASE NOTE, the magnetic strip adds weight and size to the plaques and may have to be shipped in a larger box.  For example, 60 plaques with  magnets will take more space then 100 without the magnet.


Dash Plaque Samples:  The images below are not templates, they are simply samples of work that we have done for others.  While it is possible to edit some of these designs, we do not own the artwork for all of these designs.  As you can see, there are many different styles of dash plaques.     It’s an expression of your show and what you want to express.  If you need a hand in creating a design, just give us a call!  We’d be happy to help!



FingerLakes Final JPG dash plaquesrevvd up dash plaquesriver freedom dash plaqueslacc dorie dash plaquesfalls dash plaqueswomelsorf250 dash plaquesmay 2014 1 dash plaquesjeffersonville copy dash plaquescorn car sm copy dash plaques Dash Plaque 2014 dash plaquesumc myerstown dash plaqueslost in time harvest dash plaques2010 Spring Meet Car Show AwardX1 dash plaqueswomelsdorf dash plaquesoct1 dash plaquesaug2014 fire co dash plaquesaug2014 dash plaquesrwb3shine in the pines x2volkswagen2013 car show dash plaque wit flag copycruise in the pines dash plaquescruise in the pinesx2 dash plaquesLOST IN TIME HARVEST 2 dash plaquespeace river dash plaquesrevved up dash plaquesstang gang dash plaquesWFTW Symbol Large dash plaquesbondo bob copy dash plaquescitrus new dash plaquesbrittanys project dash plaquescopper dash plaquesENOCH dash plaqueshome depo 2 dash plaquesHot Rods 4 hospicex2 dash plaquesjonestown 2012 dash plaqueskeeneland2 dash plaquesabc123 bike dash plaqueslost in time dash plaquesmdcs sept dash plaquesSMOKEHOUSE dash plaquesTRACTOR SHOW dash dash plaquescrosslakes dash plaquesshriner 3 dash plaques AM LEGION dash plaquesabc123 dash plaques  blvd knightsx4 dash plaques GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA dash plaques   stang gang dash plaquesmopar mcnally dash plaqueslost in time green dash plaques north haven dash plaques   walk for the wounded dash plaquessouthland - b1 dash plaques white rosex2 dash plaqueslowther manor 2014x1 dash plaquesnorth haven dash plaquespagoda road rally 2010x2 copy dash plaques