Artwork Requirements

Welcome to our artwork requirements page! You are probably here to check on the requirements for your artwork, and we thank you for that! Here is a list of requirements:

We like to work with at least 150 dpi. We would prefer to have at least 300 dpi because this will produce a higher quality imprint.

The image that you send to us should be the correct size for the item we are printing. Enlarging images causes them to pixilate. This is never a good thing and will greatly reduce the clarity of the image.

The image that you send to us should be in RGB. CMYK can work, but our printers are optimized for RBG.

We do require a bleed. A bleed is basically an area around the outside edges of the image that might get “cut off” while printing. For example, do not add words right against the edge. We need some space for aligning the product on top of the image. We like to have a minimum of 1/8″ on all sides but 3/16 would be preferred.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate the time and effort you are extending to help meet our artwork requirements and make your product a thing to be remembered!