Hello, and thank you for clicking on the link to get here! This shows us that you are concerned about the quality of your project, and so are we! Here are some basic requirements to help your image be the best that it can!


DIP… Dots per Inch. Sounds confusing, but in reality it’s a necessary number. We like to work with 300 dip or greater. This is a much higher resolution then most pictures you can grab off of the web. Many phones and digital cameras can take this quality of a photo, without a problem. We can also take a large, 72 dpi photo, and shrink it and increase the dpi to meet our needs.


Color… RGB vs CMYK. Most images we deal with are RGB. Many designers like to work with CMYK, but in my opinion, RGB images are much more vibrant. Our printers are calibrated to produce a very close representation of the RGB photos. I can’t say exact because there will always be that one person who will find a difference 🙂

Size, Bleeds, Etc

Sizing… Bleeds… Etc… Sizing is very important. Images too large will not fit, and images too small cannot be resized to fit without issues. You need to make sure your image is the proper size for your finished product. Also, allow for a little bleed, or excess image. This allows us to better align a product and get a full edge to edge coverage. If you are doing dash plaques, for example, the finished product is a 3×4 (in most cases). We like to have an image that is about 1/8″ larger then the finished product. However, if you send us a 4×4 image and want it on a 4×3, we will have to remove part of your image to compensate. If we try to shrink the image, it will not cover the 4″ size. Again, this may sound confusing, but it’s quite simple.

Changes, Cropping and Fees

Changes, cropping, fees… Change is inevitable, lol. Many people take a picture and later ask, can you take out that telephone pole, or can you remove the stop sign. In most cases, yes, we can do that. And normally without a fee. However, totally removing a car from the background and adding it to a new background might incur a fee. Simple artwork fees start at $10.00 That would cover removing stop signs and telephone poles. Removing the front end of another car and recreating the background would be a more extensive project and result in a higher fee. We can quote you prices on artwork charges prior to starting on your project.